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Hodge, J.R. & Bellwood, D.R., in review. The geography of speciation in coral reef fishes: the relative importance of biogeographical barriers in separating sister-species. Journal of Biogeography.



Peer-Reviewed Publications

Hodge, J.R., Bellwood, D., 2015. On the relationship between species age and geographical range in reef fishes: are widespread species older than they seem? Global Ecology and Biogeography 24(4): 495-505.
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Hodge, J.R., van Herwerden, L.,Bellwood, D., 2014. Temporal evolution of coral reef fishes: global patterns and disparity in isolated locations. Journal of Biogeography 41(11): 2115–2127.
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Hodge, J.R., Read, C.I., Bellwood, D., van Herwerden, L., 2013. Evolution of sympatric species: A case study of the coral reef fish genus Pomacanthus (Pomacanthidae). Journal of Biogeography 40(9): 1676-1687.
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Hodge, J.R., Read, C.I., van Herwerden, L., Bellwood, D., 2012. The role of peripheral endemism in species diversification: Evidence from the coral reef fish genus Anampses (Family: Labridae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 62(2): 653-663.

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